MSXdev'05 - 3 new entries announced

by pitpan on 17-02-2005, 12:09
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The MSXdev'05 contest is starting to get shape, as 3 new projects have been announced:

  • Magical boxes, by Dioniso. The BGM of this game was already released over here, as an entry to the MRC Airwaves Challenge.
  • Final race, by Karoshi Corp. A Super-Sprint alike racing game for the MSX.
  • VKSD, working title for a new platform game that is being coded by XL2S Entertainment

With these 3 new entries, a grand total of 8 MSXdev entries have already been announced. You can find more details over here.

Relevant link: MSXdev'05 - Status page

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By viejo_archivero

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17-02-2005, 12:53

XL2S... if I'm not mistaken these guys are the ones behind that cool Doom-like MAZE demo!. I've got great expectations from that team's entry!... and "Final Race" will be another cool one, just like Alfonso's "Magical Boxes" Smile. Great new entries!... what about Kralizec, Guzuta, Paxanga, etc...?. Don't be shy, join the contest again! Smile

By Maggoo

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17-02-2005, 19:22

aaah, Super sprint *drool*

Another one to take off my wish list Smile

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