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by ricbit on 20-05-2009, 18:31
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Brazilian MSX user Ricardo Bittencourt (ricbit) just started a brand new blog. This blog contains, among others, pictures from MSX games. The blog is available in the Portuguese language.

Relevant link: Viajando no MSX - blog

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By cidra

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20-05-2009, 20:38

Live long and prosper...

By lionelritchie

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20-05-2009, 21:57

ricbit has big tennis. big shoes.

By spl

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21-05-2009, 07:46

Good and curious website Big smile

By JohnHassink

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22-05-2009, 14:25


By muffie

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22-05-2009, 21:49

"Nada mais apropriado, então, que a minha própria viagem pra Agra tenha terminado com um final ruim"

Don't you want to tell us WHY your trip to India was not that good???

By dhau

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22-05-2009, 23:06

What an amazing piece of non-news!

By lionelritchie

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23-05-2009, 00:35

ricbit lies! he loved india and the indian guide.BA-team

By Walter.MSX

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23-05-2009, 16:29

Excellent blog. I like! Tongue