New Infinite website launched

by JohnHassink on 25-10-2010, 22:18
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How many times did Infinite make many MSX-fans do some outrageous things and have they lured them into situations they didn't consider ever getting into in the first place? This MSX games and tools developing group, consisting of Edwin, wolf_ and chao5, is notorious for delivering a wide range of products which kept the public pretty busy during the past few years. As the years went by, they had us running from the police, gave us a Nemesis which scrolled in the direction originally intended, and made time float by with some tough puzzling. As if that weren't enough, they convinced us that running naked in a field of flowers was a good idea, sent us on a quest for a templar's treasure and finally put us in the shoes of a misanthropic, sarcastic medic professional.

Years ago Infinite launched a website, and numerous challenges and contests prevented them from updating it. At some point their domain even expired! Today, they invite us to have a look at their all-new website at a new domain - the old domain still works too. It contains goodies such as their games, tools, links, coding tips in Edwin's code corner and a graphics corner by Wolf which will contain galleries, project gossip and background information. Be warned of what you're getting yourselves into!

Relevant link: Infinite

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By RetroTechie

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26-10-2010, 01:12

they convinced us that running naked in a field of flowers was a good idea
It really is - try it sometime... LOL!

By spl

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26-10-2010, 11:41

Running Naked in a Field of FlowersRunning Naked in a Field of FlowersRunning Naked in a Field of Flowers Tongue

By ro

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27-10-2010, 11:03

Okay, cool to see some updates. I'm not sure if I like the design of the website.
The articles section is great, hope to see lotsa info there.

keep'm comming.

Graphically yours,

By Edwin

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27-10-2010, 15:54

The design wasn't really high on my list of priorities. The most important thing was to have a place where our stuff could be placed. Like the fixed version RNFF that was made 4.5 years ago but never released. Tongue

The other thing I needed was some place that I could put some code with explanations because occasionally I got questions about how to write something. So now I can put those in a place where everybody can benefit from it. So the volume there really depends on the amount of questions I get.