Padial Hardware - website revived

by MisterT on 25-04-2009, 19:25
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The website of Leonardo Padial Ortiz has been offline for quite a while. Luckily it's now back in action again! Padial creates and sells interesting hardware for our MSX systems. His catalog ranges from slotexpanders to Z380 chips, from flashrom to interfaces for PC keyboards and mice.

Relevant link: Padial's website

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By meits

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26-04-2009, 13:10

His hardware is worth every penny of it.
It's solid and his service is good.
I found out about his services after doing a lot of searching.
Therefor it'd be good if for example, a club like Sunrise was a dutch distributor, in order to make the dutch masses familiar with the good stuff he does.

Thumbs up Leo!

By dhau

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27-04-2009, 04:02

I have Padial's SCSI (Bart SCSI clone as I understand), 4MB mapper, 512K ASCII 8/16 flash cart and slot extender. All work fine. He's using masking on his PCB, which is great, but does not make the slot connectors golden, so they get corroded very fast.

By karloch

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27-04-2009, 13:45

Padial's hardware is excellent, but I miss a good casing on it

By dhau

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30-04-2009, 23:59

Very easy! Buy some loose Konami carts, crack them open and trash PCB. Instant Padial cases!

By karloch

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01-05-2009, 12:32

Konami carts would never do that to me Tongue And my Padial hardware is bigger than Konami standard size :/

By wolf_

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01-05-2009, 13:18

Iirc, sunrise has truckloads o' cases (the ones used for g9k/moonsound/cf etc.), which -iirc- could be sold to third parties.

By sunrise

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03-05-2009, 08:28

Well Sunrise is not a club or a commercial organazation, but a foundation !
Second Padial has a distributor already.
Iirc already answered the question about the cases to Karloch. There we can be at service, but that requires cooperation from other parties who want to adapt- read change their existing PCB /new design -for the large and small design cartridge.
We have thus two designs small and large ! ALL are brandnew !! If this is the case I reveal a pricelist