Sean Young MSX technical pages move to another server

by Latok on 30-08-2005, 21:51
Topic: Websites

Source: BiFi

After Sean Young decided to put his MSX technical pages on Wikipedia, it appeared several of his texts have been removed from this online encyclopedia. This was enough reason to contact Sean and ask him whether his original technical pages could be put online again. He agreed and from now on, this precious library of useful MSX info will be hosted by BiFi and can be found right here.

Relevant link: Sean Young MSX technical pages

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By adrcunha

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31-08-2005, 02:25

Great! I was really missing Sean's info pages in the way they were. Big smile Thanks, Bifi!

By shaiwa

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31-08-2005, 15:21

Well done BiFi, its great to have these pages back on the net again.