Sunrise Game Reader review

by snout on 19-10-2005, 20:07
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On the Bussum 2005 MSX Fair, Sunrise released their version of the MSX Game Reader, which was previously only available in Japan. A review of the Japanese Game Reader published by ASCII can be found right here.

The MSX Game Reader is a USB device that can be used to run original MSX game cartridges on Windows PCs using the official MSX emulator MSXPLAYer, of which a new, English version is supplied with the Sunrise game reader. Following this forum thread, active MRC user Samor wrote a review on the Sunrise Game Reader and published it on his blog, right here. The review gives a clear summary of the features, the upsides and downsides of the game reader and the differences with the Japanese Game Reader.

Relevant link: Sunrise MSX Game Reader review by Samor

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By sunrise

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19-10-2005, 21:26

Nice report but not complete.
Differences between the japanese version and the our version can be given only by me since I won both.
I can add the memory size is different , the sunrise version has 512 the japanese 64 according to my MT-base
The option to add a second one for use konami doubles e.g.
But most important is that have taken into account in our version to use later on other than only games.
Better known as the full support of the cartridgeslot +12v and -12v . Note also that a full report about working and non-working cartridges as well as other issues e.g. disksave of pictures by the gamemaster(1), what doesnot work at the moment

By Grauw

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19-10-2005, 22:33

Ah, so it’s got the +/- 12v. That’s nice Smile.

By sunrise

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19-10-2005, 22:44

Better said , it is provided to do so. You can update to it. It isnot soldered on it yet.
But we left the possibility to do so.

By Yukio

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22-10-2005, 05:21

I was thinking about a Game Reader.
Cartridges could be funny.