Sunrise opens freeware section

by snout on 13-02-2004, 00:42
Topic: Websites

Sunrise have opened up a freeware section on their website. The first products to be added to this section are Blue Warrior and Match Maniac. Both games have been added to our freeware downloads database as well. On the Sunrise website, you can also grab the manuals of the games in PDF format.

In the near future Sunrise will also publish the Sunrise Magazines, Picturedisks and Specials, which are in the MRC downloads database as well. You can see a handy overview of the magazines right here

Relevant link: Sunrise

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By arikboke

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15-02-2004, 01:17

hmmm ... I cannot seem to get their "Blue Warrior" software to work. I am unable to extract either the Disk Image or the direct files from the LZH archives.

By sunrise

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16-02-2004, 20:20

Save the di-file or the 'normal file'
Use the program LHA to extract

By snout

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16-02-2004, 23:37

You can also use WinRAR to extract LZH files.


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18-02-2004, 18:34

Sunrice rulez! WinZIP sucks (at least, when it comes to plugins)

By legacy

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21-02-2004, 15:46

Zipmagic can handle most of the compressed variations.
afaik Only the PMA files can Zipmagic not handle . and maybe some exotic one