The three first MSX games ever reviewed

by msxgamesbox on 20-03-2003, 21:51
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On the MSX games box, a three-in-one review was added, giving information on the three very first MSX games, released in 1982: Night Flight (Colpax / Tomy), Saurusland (Colpax / Tomy) and Star Blazer (Star Craft).

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By Manuel

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20-03-2003, 22:18

1982? MSX didn't exist before 1983!
(Or did I miss something?)

By snout

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20-03-2003, 22:46

probably it are Spectravideo games lucky enough to be MSX compatible. Also, although there were no MSX computers on the market yet before 1983, the standard has been set a bit earlier. Perhaps developers got the chance to develop some new software ?

By msxgamesbox

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21-03-2003, 07:54

This is something I indeed commented about in the review - anyhow it's impossible to know for sure what the oldest MSX game is.... I took the ones I believe are the oldest (at least Night Flight and Saurusland - Star Blazer might be more recent).

By anonymous

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24-03-2003, 09:57

Though Night Flight Coleco version is from 1982, maybe it wasn't ported to MSX until 1984 or later.
It's very difficult to determine which is the older MSX-native game since many of them were coleco or SVI ports as well.

Even the first Konami titles came from Colecovision!