GETDISK & PUTDISK v2.0 (English)

van gdx op 11-10-2017, 03:25

Getdisk is a tool for MSX-DOS2 to make a disk image from a floppy disk.
Putdisk is a tool for MSX-DOS2 to make a floppy disk from a disk image.

These tools are translated to English by GDX.

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Master (175)

afbeelding van JACS

28-02-2018, 23:18

No me sirve.
Tengo un savedisk real de Sd snatcher y no me permite pasarlo a .dsk...
Como podría hacerlo???

Van gdx

Prophet (3812)

afbeelding van gdx

01-03-2018, 08:58

DSK format doesn't support floppy disks anti-piracy protected.

Van sdsnatcher73

Paragon (1196)

afbeelding van sdsnatcher73

11-10-2020, 07:24

Well I also find it odd that Konami made it impossible for normal users to copy the user disk content for SD-Snatcher. However DSK-PRO is able to read the user disk and write it to DSK file or another disk.