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Game music arrangement from Arranger Platinum

Cover of the theme of Cheers (a TV comedy), originally by Gary Portnoy and Judy Hart Angelo

Robomidi is a commandline midiplayer for Turbo-R (A1st) with Philips music module.
Timing is done by the Turbo-R hardware, and uses R800 code.

Usage : RoboMidi

It plays any midifile to the midi out port of the Philips music module from any directory in dos2.xx
Tested under dos2.3 and multimente

This program is freeware

Contra - Asphalt Jungle (Meits)

van Meits op 05-09-2013, 22:20

Remake of Asphalt Jungle done on a Roland XV 5050

An orchestral arrangement with a solid rock base of the "Waterfall" level song from Konami's 1987 run-and-gun action game Contra. Apart from the "Waterfall" theme it also features (not so) subtle references to the Jungle level music in the calmer part of the song.

This song features the following guest contributors:

- Ivan Hakštok (rhythm guitars)
- Erik Vreven (drums)

Coral 2 (Wolf)

van MSX Resource Center op 17-12-2011, 10:59

OPL4 soundtrack to the Coral 2 trackmo, a demo released in the MRC Underwater Challenge.


van Meits op 10-09-2017, 16:56

Musicdisk by Overflow! released by Emphasys, the same team responsible for the Runemaster clone Ducktales.


van MSX Resource Center op 17-12-2011, 10:59

Collection of Moonblaster stereo songs from Airborne


van MSX Resource Center op 17-12-2011, 10:59

Unicorn FM-PAC BASIC musicdisk

D3SK alias dIIIsk

van Meits op 14-02-2015, 12:57

Near Dark's third issue of De Idiootste Spellen Koffers. 25 Moonblaster Stereo tunes from various MSX games and other platforms. It fits on a single sided disk, runs on a 64kB RAM computer (so even a Philips vg8230 can run it) and supports MSX-Music and MSX-Audio at the same time. Supports DOS2 and is not 50/60Hz sensitive.

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