The computer room in your school

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Van Haze

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02-02-2022, 12:09

Back in elementary school here in The Netherlands, we also had a computer classroom which was decked out with 8 or 10 full Philips NMS-8250 setups, monitors and everything. I remember it being a relatively small room, with the computers lined up on opposite walls. We had a NMS-8255 at home, so I regularly brought along floppies. Most of the time, the MSXs were used for educational titles (a lot of Radarsoft) and text editing.

Somewhere along the way, most of the computers were replaced with PCs and only two MSXs remained. At the time, I remember coding a few small Basic demos for teachers, as gifts for birthdays and such. I can't help but wonder what happened to those floppies?

Van retro69

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04-02-2022, 22:54

I grew up in Germany and went to elementary school in the first half of the 80s and then switched to secondary school in the middle of the decade. I do not recall that we had any computers at elementary school. I agree that Britain was probably way ahead of Germany in this respect. At secondary school there was a dedicated computer room with Apple ][ clones. Later these were replaced by IBM clones, XT and AT. I have only attended courses were we programmed in BASIC. Although I had relatively early access to home computers in my family (no MSX, though) and had great interest in computing, I found the class a bit boring. I do not think that we received a broad introduction to the world of computers and their possible uses. Instead, we have learned programming by typical IT problems like sorting algorithms. We also programmed a small application to process results of the "Bundesjugendspiele" - this is an annual track and field sporting event all pupils have to participate in. I also recollect that we used the computers to work on a small project to develop a simple game with the same setting as the famous Oregon Trail game. Unfortunately this had never reached a descent status but we could still get a good grade for presenting the idea. The most fun however I had when we had a project week and we had the possibility to work on the general topic of computer games. I think the background was that we should reflect about our habits of playing games and we had discussions on this topic. Those outside of Germany need to know that here computer games were not only considered as childish but also as having a negative effect on kids, especially with regards to violence in games. A lot of games were prohibited to be advertised and could not be sold to under 18 year old. However, during this week we were allowed to bring our private computers to school and most of the time we were just playing games together. I remember we even played Kick Off 2 tournaments. That was great fun.

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