The modem and hacker scene in the 80s.

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Van hamlet

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19-04-2021, 11:17

This sound like it was located in the early 90s, Arnaud?

Van tfh

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19-04-2021, 18:16

hamlet wrote:

This sound like it was located in the early 90s, Arnaud?

I started with the MSX BBS in the end of the 80's. Probably '89 or something. The Amiga BBS started on my A1000 around '91/'92 and moved to my A1200 somewhere in '93 and stopped around '95.

Van Briqunullus

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19-04-2021, 19:58

The MT Telcom II modem I must have bought at a fair early nineties finally gave me the possibility to download some games. Yeah, downloading them took forever. And I had to negotiate with my parents for when and for how long I could use the phoneline. Or I just used it when they weren't at home. Please don't tell 'em.

I remember most BBS's used some sort of user level system. At higher level you would have access to more software and you could be connected for longer periods so you could download larger files.

However, it was a chicken and egg problem, I had barely nothing to upload because I knew no other MSX users at the time. Me and a friend had been playing with Soundtracker however. And though I am in no way a musician and the music was crappy, I decided to upload them anyway. I even disabled compression on the pma-file, as to get the minimum of 50kB to level up. Hahaha.

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