Christmas quiz 2020

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Van Rataplan

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afbeelding van Rataplan

23-12-2020, 09:42

Ok I'm not sure if it'll help me as I'm only sure about #4. But if I understood well, I can get 4 hints? Then I'd like #6, #7, #8 and #12.

Van ren

Paragon (1811)

afbeelding van ren

23-12-2020, 09:48

I'm late (but well rested) Smile

Some patience still, check around 12:00 CEST.

I figured I could also post other bits, like images as hints (Danny gave me this idea).
But perhaps then it'll be too easy, and it won't be a mere test on your auditory memory anymore.. Wink

edit: sure Rataplan, you can get 4 hints Wink
@Manuel: what hints? Name 3.

Van defdanny

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afbeelding van defdanny

23-12-2020, 11:25

hamlet wrote:

I just wanted to drop by to confirm your entries:
dan locked in for 7,
jipe for 3,
Rat a Plan for 4,
tfh for 2 and
Manuel recognized 3 entries.
Second round today, ren will unchain your hints.

Hi hamlet,
just sent you my entries, I did not understand, that I had to sent them in on day one. I thought it is a two-day quiz?
I hope my entry will be accepted...
@ren: maybe I am a bit dumb, but I really had difficulties to understand the rules for this quiz round. Sorry.

Van ren

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afbeelding van ren

23-12-2020, 11:54

Okay, won't make 12:00 either Wink
(Have to prepare the hints, they're not on the shelve.)

So somewhere this afternoon, 14:00 / 15:00 - ish prolly.

@Manuel: if you don't give me numbers in time, I'll decide for you for which numbers you'll compete.

Btw: I'm not sure how you all did (yet), I know as much as hamlet posted earlier.

I'll prepare the following hints (you'll compete today for your own requested numbers only):

    dan:  [5, 7, 9, 10] => Fisher-Yates shuffle => pick 2 ;)
           (or did you mean to include 6 as well, or do you explicitly
           want either one of the pairs (if they're pairs) you mentioned?)
   danny: 7, 8 & 12
  Manuel: any 3, except for no. 11 (unless he still fills me in ;))
    jipe: - (nothing requested)
Rataplan: 6, 7, 8 & 12
     tfh: - (nothing requested)

@danny: sure no problem (as I haven't published the hints yet).

If anyone still wants to request hints, you can. I don't care if I publish them around 18:00 or something.

Van ren

Paragon (1811)

afbeelding van ren

23-12-2020, 12:11

@danny: on page 29 I explained: "just as every daily quest/riddle, mail your answers to dieantwoord before 6 AM tomorrow morning."
You replied: "got it" Wink

Earlier I also wrote (update):


note that you should submit your answer to dieantwoord today,

But yeah, perhaps rules should have been more clear from the outset. (But I do believe ppl are bad readers (in general).. (myself not necessarily excluded.. Wink)

edit: @dan: ah! You did find some time/inspiration to do another level? (Or is it something 'from the shelve'? Wink) Nice!

Van dan

Master (174)

afbeelding van dan

23-12-2020, 12:29

let's say 5 and 6 + shuffle if possible
@ren: i got inspiration. still looking for 30 year old data Sad

Van TheKid

Paragon (1171)

afbeelding van TheKid

23-12-2020, 12:37

well, nice musical question. I remembered several tunes, but can't figure out where they are from.
So, I send in the ones I knew and leave it by that.

I am going "back to the chopper!!!", so "hasta la vista baby". Hopefully tomorrows question will boost my score...

Van Jipe

Paragon (1488)

afbeelding van Jipe

23-12-2020, 12:58

please i want many help for track 10 & 11

i'ts individal answer by mail or post here ?

Van ren

Paragon (1811)

afbeelding van ren

23-12-2020, 13:04

@TheKid: no hint requests? You might remember then Smile

@dan: yeah, so hamlet thinks I should level the playing field (talking about simple, straightforward & 'fair' 'n stuff). You know you have a huge advantage in this quest (to which I subtly hinted earlier for the others), and it seems only 2 others (with a not-so-high score) figured out. So I think it's fair to give others just a slight advantage by allowing them one more hint. (Or perhaps just the ppl who didn't benefit from this knowledge. Not completely decided yet.)

@Jipe: I'll post them here.

Van ren

Paragon (1811)

afbeelding van ren

23-12-2020, 13:22

Jipe: just to be sure, you mean soundbite 10 (zehn) & 11 (elf) right (and not the index no. of the 16 tracks the cue sheet provides (if you even loaded the mp3 up in an external player))?

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