Christmas quiz 2020

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Van Jipe

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26-12-2020, 13:06

Van ren

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26-12-2020, 13:20

@Jipe: thanks, Christmas girls!
Did you scan that, or is that actually original work?

Read something in the wiki here as well (/wiki/File_extensions_used_on_MSX) (though no explanation regarding the hex notation ;)

Why is hamlet talking about a tune? :)
You can load it up via btw :)

Van Jipe

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26-12-2020, 13:50

it's a screen find on the net and convert with DaDither

thank for the link, i use RECOILWin on my PC

Van hamlet

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26-12-2020, 15:16

It's a screen and it seems Jipe just availed the last riddle. Smile

Van hamlet

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26-12-2020, 18:25

Congratulation to the winner of this years christmas quiz!
We will put the remaining participants on the list of our Lootbox in the order of the points awarded (as long as it is in motion again.) :)
Thanks again to everyone for taking part and guessing!
See you next year!

Van Briqunullus

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26-12-2020, 19:39

Congratulations to the winner! I've had lots of fun participating in my first ever Christmas Quiz and I think being runner up in points is nothing to be ashamed of.

I was frightened there would be many questions out of reach, because of my tiny hardware collection. But my fears turned out to be unfounded. I had most fun with questions that looked deceptively simple, but were hard to answer. The great tfh door question fell in this category. I also spent way too much time on dan's first KV2 level.

Next year I'll promise to contribute to the questions as well. I have a few ideas for this. And for now, what the heck is the Lootbox?

Van hamlet

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26-12-2020, 19:54

The Lootbox is a mysterious box that appears from time to time and also seems to vanish soon. It is filled with MSX goodies. When it arrives at your place you are welcome to choose whatever items inside but also have to insert MSX related stuff.

Van tfh

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26-12-2020, 22:07

Congratulations to the winner indeed! I've had tons of fun again this year!

As for the lootbox: it has been at Manuel for the last six months and it seems I'm the next one on the list. After I've received it I'll pass it on quickly, but no clue yet on when I can receive it...

Van Manuel

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afbeelding van Manuel

26-12-2020, 23:27

It's on my TODO list for this holiday... sorry for the delay. By the way, don't overstate things, I got it in August...

Van Meits

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26-12-2020, 23:38

That's still looooong Tongue

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