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04-04-2020, 19:52

As I do have lots of fun with my Sony plotter and its brand-new-old-stock inkpens, Joost send me a BASIC drawing program, which is joystick based.
I uploaded it to our database for those who still have ink.

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04-04-2020, 20:22

Nice for the Sony/Toshiba plotter. Thanks

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04-04-2020, 20:23

For all of you who wants to get deeper:

  • The manual with many BASIC example can be found on Hans' pages (kindly hosted by tfh).
  • New-old-stock plotter ink pens can be found here (the homepage is a mess but the service is unbelievable good, look for Atari 1020).
  • Besides the very reduced programs Homewriter and Greative Greetings, Sony has also released a real gold piece:
  • Print Lab not only has a very good user interface, it can also import files from Creative Graphics and Graphicmaster (the beep-one), it also prints them on ribbon printers and the plotter. Optionally line-based or as pattern.
  • Former German MSX user Frank Hoorn published the Plotter Tools in 1986. It offered among other things a hardcopy for Screen 7 and 8, PagePrint (plotting 2 DIN A4 pages on one), a painting program, a special plotting program for the painting program and a program for labelling audio cassettes.