Secret "Magic Key" menu in Gallforce

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08-03-2019, 15:24

I stumbled across this old thread where Oscar mentioning a "Magic Menu" in Sony's Gallforce. Now by simultaneously activating the UP/DOWN button of the joystick in port 2 (while booting the MSX) I could actually call this secret menu (yeah, it's just such things that make me very happy after playing Gallforce for nearly 33 years).

Of course I immediately searched among my other Sony modules for similar events, even my games developed by HAL were not successful (but I do not own all of them to test).
I never heard about this, is this menu also known in other software titles or is it an odd case?

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Van sdsnatcher73

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08-03-2019, 15:58

Maybe a patch could be made so that the “magic key” would actually be just a key pressed during startup?

Van Sylvester

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08-03-2019, 16:32

Nice, i wonder if it would be possible to emulate this "joystick" with openMSX?

Van Bastion Rebel

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08-03-2019, 16:53

in blueMSx activate dongle MagicKey in joystick 2 !!

Van Sylvester

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08-03-2019, 16:57

ah, i see the Magic Key is also emulated in openMSX (just not mentioned in the user guide).

Van MP83

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08-03-2019, 19:52

Interesting way to have a debug menu in your game. They even made a dedicated logo for Magic Key. Cute. Smile