Delta basic

Door PingPong

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26-09-2010, 16:04

on youtube there is a video like this:

what is Delta basic?

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Van Manuel

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26-09-2010, 17:57

Van PingPong

Prophet (3435)

afbeelding van PingPong

27-09-2010, 00:39
thx, but i need some info about this basic. It's a msx basic ext or a totally new product?
anyone knows?


Enlighted (5358)

afbeelding van NYYRIKKI

28-09-2010, 19:23

UP, I want to know also what this is all about.

Van flyguille

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afbeelding van flyguille

28-09-2010, 19:36

seems to be only a pattern scroll routine in assembler, it is not a BASIC language.

and you needs to fill the left most column with new stage drawing

Van Lord_Zett

Paladin (807)

afbeelding van Lord_Zett

28-09-2010, 19:42

it's a scroll routine. delta basic is a extra basic commands like scroll undo action set window enz enz. it's great.. bifi made from the disk a bin file. it's a great msx1 add on.

Van jltursan

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28-09-2010, 23:06

Digging a bit in the binary file I've figured out some working commands like PAUSE, STATUS, COPLIN, MOVLIN or QUIT...; but still no idea of how to work with others like WRAPU, WRAPR, WRAPD, WRAPL, ROLLU, LROLLR, LROLLD or LROLLL. Seems that it has very advanced scroll commands. Pretty intriguing Question

Van Lord_Zett

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29-09-2010, 05:15

no is easy to use but most have a manual. I love it and wanna use it for a msx rpg

Van diederick76

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13-03-2015, 21:14 mentions an ad of Delta Basic. Is seems to have procedures en DPOKE/DPEEK. Could this be something like ZX Spectrum Beta Basic? That had all kinds of grown up stuff like local variables, parameter passing by ref or value, and such. Does anyone have access to this? I'd love to try it out.