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Van JohnHassink

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16-11-2010, 19:39

Yes. The MRC-sensor of the beecard will get a signal and will start to play an alarm sound and flash its little lights. Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

All I know, is that the only Konami title that got a beecard release was Pooyan.

Oh, yes. And that trading & collecting happens here:

BeauDiGi, a good tip:
when you're looking for something, best to do is to specify what you want in the title of your newspost in that part of the forum, for instance "Looking for beecard" or "WTB MSX2".
Doing so, that text will show up at the border of the frontpage, so everyone who visits this site will immediately see that someone is looking for that item, instead of finding out by coincidence when reading a random forum thread.
It's way more effective in case you wish to buy/sell something. ;)

Van RetroTechie

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16-11-2010, 19:52

WHat is a bee car exactly and are they cheap?
Was going to answer that, but as usual the Wiki has a better description (+pic).

Perhaps there just wasn't room for it in the market, next to tape / floppy / cartridge as established formats. So the format was ignored & only a few titles came out on it (with those titles being the same as their normal cartridge equivalents). Not very common these days, but not very expensive either since they're not that sought after. Just a curiosity, really (like there are so many for MSX).

Friendly tip @BeauDiGi: try Googling sometime... ._,

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