Portable MSX2

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Van galine

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16-05-2013, 01:00

Somes news form the MSX portable.

First I solved the problem of the screen I have instaled the micro ITX PSU alls is working without problem.

I have modify my keyboard hack and now its verry better the keyboard works like a charmed.

I also have shortcut desk tools boot for have direct access to basic.

Next stage:

try to active the a new slot with the sltsl now free (from the desk tool rom part)
-make some test with external 12V battery if this battery works I will install it directelly on the body oaf the laptop.
-perpare some parts of body for paint (cartbrige port)
-buy me a SD interface with 4mo ram mapper from padial I didn't win to found one of them in second hand -_-.

and when all of that will be done I think my MSX portable will be finish.

I will post my progress soon.

Van ray2day

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16-05-2013, 22:20

Very very cool!

ps. Somewhere images/footage online of this MSX 'laptop' closing<-and/or->opening?

Van Maggoo

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16-05-2013, 23:04

That looks very cool. I remember seeing some Ads for this Wordprocessor in late MSX/Magazines. Was the hardware related to the MSX at all ? The Wordprocessor bundled with it looked exactly the same as the one for the MSX.

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