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Door boss_msx

Champion (415)

afbeelding van boss_msx

29-05-2011, 13:28

{moderator censored personal details}

If you ever get in contact with Ale101, please be *very* careful...this guy is *NOT* to be trusted. He buys games and won't pay for them. You have been warned.

alejandro Ma*****z R****
san francisco * (local)
cadiz Andalucía Ceuta y Melilla 11***


Hope to save you, my fellow MSX friends, from the trouble he has caused me.

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Van Repair-Bas

Paragon (1085)

afbeelding van Repair-Bas

29-05-2011, 13:48

I had problems with him too.

He wants 3 computers, special price.
But does not understand shipping prices are very high.
It was more than 30 kg's totall.

Van ale101

Master (234)

afbeelding van ale101

29-05-2011, 14:53

Yeah, a lot of trouble because I don't want a game without the front cover on the cartridge (of course it's my fault because I didn't realise until it was too late, but anyways...).
Please don't believe it, I'm trustworthy.

By the way Bas I suggest that you review your policy of charging 100 € !! for a bunch of computers. I know they come from Holland, But do you bring them yourself by taxi!!??

By the way I haven't received (fortunately) nothing from them, if that's what you are thinking. I haven't paid it (so I haven't received anything), although I "bought" it on ebay.

I apologize for the troubles I'm causing to the other users. I won't reply on this thread again.

Van boss_msx

Champion (415)

afbeelding van boss_msx

29-05-2011, 15:09

Well, if you just told me that you didn't want the item -instead of sending me those weird e-mails about me not being customer-friendly and that you didn't have any cash etc...- there would be any problem at all. If you buy something on ebay, you pay for it, that's how it works.
I already send you the game, so pay for it and we'll forget the matter.

I'm also aware of your issues with shipping, you wanted to buy games from me on several occasions via this board, but then.. when the deal is struck, you bail out because shipping is too expensive...you did this on several occasions , so I don't think Bas is the only one you tried to screw over.

You are a nasty piece of work and I hope other people will read this and be warned before doing any business with you at all.

Van ale101

Master (234)

afbeelding van ale101

29-05-2011, 15:30

MSX Kekkyoku Nankyoku
N.º de artículo 12xxxxxxx $14,99 USD 1 $14,99 USD
N.º de artículo 11xxxxxxx $54,99 USD 1 $54,99 USD
N.º de artículo 11xxxxxxx $39,99 USD 1 $39,99 USD
MSX game Koneko no Daibouken
N.º de artículo 110xxxxxxx $18,99 USD 1 $18,99 USD
MSX Hydlide
N.º de artículo 11xxxxxxxx $14,99 USD 1 $14,99 USD

I'm sorry for posting againg but here you are a few examples of items I have acquired recently on ebay. They sell, I pay... just like that.

Van boss_msx

Champion (415)

afbeelding van boss_msx

29-05-2011, 16:14

Well, that's really grand of you...doesn't change the fact that you didn't pay me. You should make the payment so we can end this discussion.

Van pitpan

Prophet (3131)

afbeelding van pitpan

30-05-2011, 01:01

I had some problems with him too, and after some nice e-mails I've included him in my eBay blacklist.

Van boss_msx

Champion (415)

afbeelding van boss_msx

30-05-2011, 09:57

I'm going to file an official dispute at the authorities for internet fraud. I think he might be a underaged and it would be best to inform his family of his actions.
Also, I'm going to inform the board to ban him. Be careful, he also uses other aliases.

Van onetunafish

Master (212)

afbeelding van onetunafish

30-05-2011, 14:11

Good to know...do you know the other aliases?

Van frits9164

Resident (64)

afbeelding van frits9164

01-06-2011, 00:20

I had some problems with him too, and after some e-mails I've included him in my Marktplaats.blacklist. Other alias Torrente101.(Well-known Virus) and he has also a very bad name in Spain, Netherlands and other countrys. He is trying to buy everthing so very cheap and sold it so very expensive on eBay in the US. Don't trust him!!

Greetings frits9164Shocked!

Van ale101

Master (234)

afbeelding van ale101

02-06-2011, 10:25

I don's sell on ebay, you bunch of liars! I have no need to seel anything like you because I live on my job (now I'm unemployed but it is only temporarily).

I am no fraudster.

You're trying to harm me and you will regret it.

I haven't bought ANYTHING from MARKETPLAATS because simply no one wants to sell anything there. I have been rececently trying to buy an msx2 computer on marketplaats but I had to give up because no one WANTED to sell a (relatively) cheap computer, and after insisting (which I think is harmless) I had buy it on ebay (I can prove but I won't do it, I have nothing to prove)

I think insisting is no crime, but insulting in public is (read above)

My apologies and thanks.

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