Disk Sector Protection

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Van JohnHassink

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18-08-2011, 04:27

Well, I guess it's like, there's a place to discuss our sexual orientations, which is aptly called "Social Talk", and there's a place to talk about "Software and gaming", which happens to be the subforum we're in right now. :D

Van Rataplan

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18-08-2011, 08:54

I used to sector-copy disks using some (basic?) tool which used VRAM for buffering. It showed a I think screen 8 screen, filling up with the obvious garbage because of the vram buffer. I remember that when it started, you had to supply the sourcedisk, press a key, it then loaded a small part (MBR? FAT?) for validation of the disk, and if that went ok you had to push a key again to actually start the sector copy. However, the trick I had to do with non-regular disks like modified MBR or even protected disks was to just had it read the MBR or whatever it read from a regular disk. So I started the tool, choose for disk-copy, had it 'validate' the disk by using the copy-tool-disk for that, and then swap with the original disk I wanted to copy, which then started to sector-copy. That way it copied anything I threw at it back then, while before that I had to use dcopy on an Amiga (or was that nibblecopy...)

Van muffie

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18-08-2011, 17:59


Is there a way to access raw disk data directly?

Van Manuel

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18-08-2011, 22:24

"Koppie" (published in MCM) used VRAM as a buffer, in screen 8. But it does a simple sector to sector copy.

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