Annotated MSX sources

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Van Edwin

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afbeelding van Edwin

08-11-2011, 00:34

ro: interesting take on 'annotated' Tongue

Van Metalbrain

Expert (67)

afbeelding van Metalbrain

09-11-2011, 19:37

Any annoted MSX assembler sources? By that I mean games, applications, utilities set up in assembler with copious amounts of comments so people can learn from it?

My own game I Need Speed has the source included with lots of comments, but be advised that it's a big game. Maybe a bit too much for beginners.

Van ro

Scribe (4414)

afbeelding van ro

09-11-2011, 20:51

yeah well, edwin, u know too many comments eat up too many bytes in precious MSX memory. The source is pre-crossdevelopment era. hardcore coding Smile

I am not a big fan of giving sources to others, tho I do share the same interrest in other's work. I might consider making old demo sources public... u know, those with minimal annotation Wink

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