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van msxhans op 27-03-2003, 11:15
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The MSX Info pages have been added to with:

  • The book MSX Computers en de Buitenwereld, a dutch book about
    interfacing via hardware the MSX
  • Command 2.41, the invaluable upgrade for MSX-DOS 2 including sources
  • FAT16 patched version of Command 2.41
  • GEN80 user guide in pdf format
  • The appendix of a book called "Getting the most of your MSX", for the Toshiba HX-10 special edition for the HX-MU900
  • MSX DOS 2 version not needing external memory mapper cartridge (Victor van Acht)
  • Network between two MSX computers via the joystick port including a diskrom (Victor van Acht) and sources
  • Details of the Remouse by the ByteWizards: convert a serial PC mouse to a MSX mouse (Victor van Acht) circuit diagram, PCB, sources
  • Patched fat16.com to make it more convenient in loading (JP Grobler)
  • Connect a PC floppy drive to a Sanyo Wavy 70FD Ivisoft) english and spanish
  • Connect a 3 inch drive to a SVI 738 Xpress (Ivisoft)
  • MSX Toolkit: two NSMS8280 programs IMAGEKIT and VIDEOKIT which resemble Videographics
  • Erix fossil driver patched so that there is no need for CALL SYSTEM (Roberto Vargas)

Relevant link: www.msxhans.msx2.com

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29-03-2003, 20:14

Added today modifications for the Spectravideo SVI.728:

- second cartridge slot
- improved sound

And an article how to connect a Teac PC floppy drive to the Yamaha FD-051 fdc