Why did Bill Gates choose the 'blue screen of death' ?

Door djh1697

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27-03-2004, 22:58

Just a thought, maybe he hated MSX so much, when Windows crashed he gave it MSX colours, just to show his contempt for the machine ?

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Van Jazzy

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28-03-2004, 14:54

I don't see the point of your thought, why should he hate MSX? Microsoft was one of the founders of the MSX standard.

Van anonymous

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28-03-2004, 15:11

If MicroSoft didn't hate MSX, why did they abandon it almost immediately after 'founding' it?

Van legacy

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28-03-2004, 17:46

If you know something about the history of BG and his company, than you can understand why many people dislike this man.
AsI sayd in a topic before, BG is an opportunist and he want to dictate the whole digital world. he don't have nightmare's if he did help an other company under the ground.
He looks left and right nd in every corner, where he can get the most profit.
In his opinion it is not MSX but the IBM and compatible's