Metal Gear Solid 3: Preview - 6 trailers

van snout op 09-11-2004, 19:31
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On the Hong-Kong based gaming webshop Lik Sang a preview of the upcoming Metal Gear game Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater can be found. The Japanese and American versions of this much anticipated game will be released within two weeks. You can order both versions and several Metal Gear action figures right here. On Konami's Metal Gear website you can find no less than 6 different trailers, all showing different aspects of the game and its storyline. All trailers are also listed at the bottom of this review.

Relevant link: Metal Gear Solid 3: Preview

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Van Sonic_aka_T

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afbeelding van Sonic_aka_T

09-11-2004, 21:14

I wonder how long they plan on milking this...

Van dhau

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afbeelding van dhau

09-11-2004, 22:50

Since then Lik-Sang moved from Hong-Kong to Korea? What mushrums are you eating guys?

Van snout

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afbeelding van snout

09-11-2004, 22:53

so that's what caused the fever for 3 weeks! ^_^


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afbeelding van KNM

13-11-2004, 17:44

My only hope is that this would be the final game of this "Solid" series...BTW,the last trailer is IMPRESSIVE...Hideo Kojima is,definetively,from another universe...

Van NunenR

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afbeelding van NunenR

18-11-2004, 20:14

Currently playing the game, and it's perfect!!!

Van NunenR

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afbeelding van NunenR

18-11-2004, 20:16

They have to continue creating these Metal Gear games... keeps MSX in alive in my mind! And the playing is excellent. So I have to disagree... keep making these "New-Classics"