openMSX 0.6.0 binary for Mac

van mth op 02-02-2006, 13:08
Onderwerp: Emulation

Users of Apple Macintosh computers with a PPC processor and OS X 10.3 or higher can now install openMSX by downloading a single .dmg file. There is no GUI yet, but you can double click ROM/DSK/CAS files in the Finder to run them in openMSX. This binary release was made possible thanks to the help of several beta-testers, e.g. like those in this thread on our MSX Forum, and the development aid of BouKiCHi.

Relevant link: openMSX 0.6.0 binary for Mac OS X

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Van cesco

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02-02-2006, 16:46

This is the best news of the year so far Big smile

Van BiFi

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02-02-2006, 18:31

yeah... another platform to emulate on... I don't want to be a nitpick though, as there's a The which should be a There.

Van snout

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02-02-2006, 22:24

thx for pointing us to the typo.. fixed.

Van selios2000

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03-02-2006, 09:49

thanks guys! great sound and image. very good job for mac users. Smile

Van dumfrog

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03-02-2006, 12:51

It's Christmas !
Thank you, thank you a lot LOL!

Van boukichi

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05-02-2006, 00:57

a prototype of something for Mac OS X here :)
(just a launcher)

choose "open XML file" to read softwaredb.xml,
and "scan directory" to check files in folder.

Van msxgamesbox

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05-02-2006, 09:18

And something like the Neko launcher, wouldn't that be nice?
Anybody in touch with the guy who created that launcher for 0.52?

Van Vampier

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02-02-2016, 06:39

10 years ago... time flies Smile