I wonder who inform the system configuration and ROMs to openMSX team secretly.

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Van flyguille

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afbeelding van flyguille

26-05-2004, 15:56

Well, When i dump the DISK BASIC 1.0 from my DPC200 + DPF550, is true, the CHECKSUM depend on the FDC STATUS, and the unit format that support, but as if you dump it from an another identical machine you can get the same result. why?

Because the FDC when is not used, normally return the last TRACK used, and the last SECTOR used, and the status byte, normally say, there is an diskette inserted, no INDEX hole detected, no write protect detected, ready for get a command, (the most common status when simply is not used).

So, the last TRACK and SECTOR number, normally in my format is the TRACK 0 , SECTOR 5 (DIRECTORIO), o TRACK 0, SECTOR 1 (FAT).

And the same situation is on any identical machine that are not using the diskdriver.

So, almost that you write a sign in the FREE BYTES of the ROM. You not has any fact that tellyou that that ROM is from you DUMP.

Van J-War

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afbeelding van J-War

26-05-2004, 16:28

<Character#1> it's just some egotrip, don't care about it
<Character#2> the ROMs are out in the open, anyone can download them...
<Character#1> of course, just get a complete tosec msx set and there will be some of his dumps
<Character#1> basicaly anyone can get his hands over them
<Character#1> he just mixed the " openmsx " dir on funet and the " openmsx project "
<Character#1> one should tell him that it's not mandatory that a dir labelled " openmsx " belongs to the msx emulator team Smile
<Character#2> no dir on funet belongs to anyone
<Character#3> maybe one should do the same as atarulum next time when he asks for goodmsx roms dumps Wink
<Character#1> he dumped roms for goodmsx
<Character#3> would be quite a fair trade
<Character#3> so did I
<Character#1> so he knows everyone will be able to have them
<Character#1> that's called an egotrip
<Character#2> OK, just post all this shit to the thread Smile

Van J-War

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afbeelding van J-War

26-05-2004, 16:34

and btw atarulum, any rom whatever they are are gathered by collecting and preservation teams (like tosec, cowering etc...) and spread over the whole internet.
you CANNOT tell who gave them to who, as soon as you dump something it's merged into existing databases from teams that HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH OPENMSX.
Then, if someone choose to make them available for public on a site or a ftp it's not OpenMSX team fault.
Try to get how things work please.

Van DarQ

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afbeelding van DarQ

26-05-2004, 16:38

ah well, if someone manages to remove all roms from funet, they'll be back in notime, on funet or somewhere else Big smile

btw: J-War is quite right in his last post

Van J-War

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afbeelding van J-War

26-05-2004, 16:59

It's strange cause i always though dumping roms was something one could greatly enjoy since he helps one computer / console community, emulators coders and emulators users.

Beside helping devello/emus and stuffs, i always tough dumping was a way to make a contribution to the memory of a "dead" system you used to enjoy.

Usualy you dump to SHARE, not for fame...

Legal notice :
- it's forbidden to give one of your dumps to anyone until you're sure he owns the real thing. (how could you be sure, if so ?)

Van kuuno

Master (231)

afbeelding van kuuno

26-05-2004, 17:37

kinda curious.. if that dir is about to be deleted?
Would that mean that I have to 'update' the personal mirror I made from funet. Wink

Okay, I can imagine the guy's perspective.
Imagine you dumped 300 rom files and someone else is braggin' with it..

On the otherhand.... why would you hang the dumped rom around on the internet if you don't want ppl to use it? Foei to the ppl that are distributing packages without telling all ppl that are responsible for the content..
Yes I'm still angry for the fact that others distributed /sold our BASIC version of Hangman, without telling us. Shame on you all!

Van Grauw

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afbeelding van Grauw

26-05-2004, 21:50

Atalarum: you are incredibly anal about this. I don't see WHY you are so uptight about those roms, it's not like, it is a huge accomplishment you made there or something. You just dumped roms. Big deal, I can do that too. Ok, no, that's not entirely true. Dumping ROMs is ofcourse a good effort (from an archival point of view), and it is not always trivial, but you apparantly attach a huge amount of ego to it. You have no single right to claim ownage for those ROMs, because they are *not* yours. Anyways, if you wanted credit, this bashing openMSX is definately the wrong way to get it.

And flyguille has a point about there being a fair chance the data is the same. It is not at all purely random information, after all.

Really, how are the openMSX people supposed to know where exactly their ROMs came from, and if so how does this justify this huuuuuuge anger you suddenly seem to be feeling towards them? I have many ROMs, and I don't have a single clue about who dumped them for any of them (well, for some I do, I guess). I certainly don't feel any urge to even think about tracing the original author to ask for their permission to use them! (although I am ofcourse only talking about legal ROMs here ;p). What a nonsense. And if anything, you should rather be angry at the MESS people, if you think they 'leaked'. Anyways, pft, this whole thing is rediculous.


p.s. about the Sunrise vs. DOS2... I believe MSX Association made a statement now about distributing DOS with software (and, I guess, hardware) being ok?

Van Vampier

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afbeelding van Vampier

27-05-2004, 02:18

ATARULUM, I would like to thank you for everything you've done for openMSX. All your input has been greatly appreciated and you are still welcome to aide us with more info.

I know you are upset about something and you blame the openMSX development team... but please stop that.. this post has costed you a few credit on my credibility scale. Just be happy with blueMSX and MESS and please stop bitching about your rom dumps!!

If you trully think that all dumps are yours give me the CRC of those roms and I promise I will delete them from my harddrive. I will be doing this with great joy since I know that you HATE openMSX and keep on making this clear.

I think you are a childish weiner who really has some issues...

Have a nice life.

ATARULUM is insulting Reikan who has done a great job with the c-bios. The one and only true bios that comes with openMSX.

ps. this is my personal opinion and not the opinion of the openMSX team as a whole.

Van mth

Champion (496)

afbeelding van mth

27-05-2004, 04:25

Please understand that the directory named "system_roms/openMSX" on funet is not maintained by the openMSX team.

As a team we decided to ship openMSX only with system ROMs we have permission for (C-BIOS). This was done in the interest of the project: to be able to put release downloads on SourceForge.net, to make sure openMSX can be included in Linux distributions etc. It is not a legal or moral statement; it is just pragmatism.

ATARULUM: I get the feeling you are displeased with our speed of handling the bug reports and feature requests you have filed for openMSX. Please understand there is a limit to the amount of time I can spend coding and it's far less than I would like. I choose my priorities based on both what I think is important for openMSX and what I find interesting to work on. Note that we did implement the firmware mapper and front switch of the A1FM, a machine which may not exist outside Japan.

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