Arkos Tracker 1.0 beta 3

van genesis8 op 14-06-2010, 15:37
Onderwerp: Music

Yet again, something fresh 'n' interesting has surfaced in the ever-evolving, ever-intriguing world of cross-development. A tracker called STarKos, originally designed to create tunes for the Amstrad CPC has been adapted to fit the needs of other 8-bit platforms. This re-incarnation has been dubbed "Arkos Tracker". It retains most of its features, extends some, and will evolve in future versions. Generally speaking, it's a vertical tracker-styled music editor which allows multiple events per step, similar to contemporary musical applications like Vortex Tracker II.

On top of it all, the binary songs exported to CPC are played with a fast (non-streamed) player. Every song can then be rendered to WAV or YM format in a split second. Also, manuals, player sources, and plenty of demo songs are included in the package. What makes this Arkos Tracker especially relevant, cross-scene wise, is that it can also be used to compose for ZX Spectrum, Pentagon 128K and MSX. The included tools (AKStoYM, STKtoAKS and AKStoBIN) will work on any Operating Systems with Mono installed.

Relevant link: Arkos

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afbeelding van ARTRAG

14-06-2010, 21:32

what is the added value when compared to the usual PT3 player and VT II ?

Van Metalbrain

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afbeelding van Metalbrain

22-06-2010, 12:02

AFAIK it's faster than PT3 (taking less t-states per interrupt). WYZ's player is also faster, but I don't know how they compare. Also, WYZ's needs more memory than PT3, I don't know how's Arkos in that aspect.

Van Grauw

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15-12-2017, 18:09

I have been interested in Arkos Tracker for a while because it seems to be a tracker with quite advanced features, but so far it was Windows-only which made it of limited use for me since I have a Macbook.

However I found that a month ago they released version 2 alpha, which has a lot of nice new features, amongst others cross-platform support for Windows, MacOS and Linux. So that’s good news!

Check the website for details:

Youtube video:

Van Parn

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16-12-2017, 09:42

Very interesting! It may be exactly what we need for a little project. Thank you for bringing this up. Smile

Van gdx

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17-12-2017, 01:57

Other trackers for windows probably work on VirtualBox.