MSX2 -> MSX2+ upgrade

Door JEZ

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03-12-2002, 14:07

Hi guys,

I've been thinking about buying a MSX2 from ebay and upgrade it to MSX2+.
I can find MSX2+ upgrade kits on hardwarelists, but never on Ebay. Do these kits work ok? Are they hard to find?

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Van snout

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06-12-2002, 13:45

well, it aren't really upgrade kits. I think there is information on these upgrades on Hans Otten's website in the 'do it yourself' section. ( and on Hans Oranje's website ( In the Netherlands, MCWF ( still performs these upgrades. In other countries, it isn't always that easy. But many ppl performed this upgrade themselves (often by only replacing the VDP and not the BIOS IIRC)


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10-12-2002, 16:55

Thank you for your reply.