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17-09-2004, 22:20

While seeking for USB devices i spotted this:

MSX USB device conversion plan
USBN9602 (the National Semiconductor make USB node controller) it procured with Siyuugetu rubbing, aiming toward USB-Audio, it tried making how without...! It is troublesome after all, is, (the ^^; After one time, it starts moving, it is the expectation which somehow uses the source and can turn, but in case of circumstance plug MSX because to interrupt the っ て whose also management is complicated it is state, don't you think? (the ^^; ; It can utilize the firmware which is united it is with, there is meaning of trial manufacture even with the ま and the other one board micro-computer and the like, probably will be. You use る property concerning, MSX and such as keyboard and emulation of the joy pad can turn and (laughing)

Whole. The place of USBN9602.

Those which you used are about Z80-CTC and the address decoder other GAL which you intended to make the interruption manage other than USBN9602. Using the oscillation module of 48MHz, it increases the clock of USBN9602. What there is a small part to in addition to, but the relation of USB there is no relationship with those for experiment of other things, (the ^^; The receptacle being A type at that time (around 2000 March), it is the sufficient story which cannot find the B type receptacle with Akiba. (Also the A-A cable the large quantity being left over, the ã‚‹ it does, (the ^^; ; ; If) now, as for the B type receptacle when it is Akiba, way it handles with thousand stone electric trade other things, the shank.

The software for the testis such a. Using the interruption, if increase it is for experimenting & for debugging, unexpected with the all right way the shank. Though, while making indicate, when is, with Windows98 it was unconcerned, but in order FreeBSD (3.3R) with the descriptor is taken and to drop, there was a thing which you do not recognize as ugen. Don't you think? so -, the USB っ て it is many not to understand at all being mistake of the あ and the descriptor whether, or being habit of Windows side whether, whether the cartridge it is it is IC (USBN9602) habit, it is, don't you think? -. There is also a bug in USBN9602, die - (the ^^;

With っ て thing, it is distant in completion, is, (the ^^; ; ; The ま, with MSX as for the imitation thing of USB-Audio it is difficult as expected, probably will be. 8bit,8k/sec of the minimum, it is harsh even with monaural? (^^; If HID device such as keyboard it is all right, but. To that, as for the production when USBN9603 can be procured, don't you think? you should have thought thing to put out, (the ^^;

So, somethingit continues,(the ^^;


It returns to the home page cover of i-bridge


As for the person who gives the mail to me this.

This is translated from japanese to English with babelfish

The original url:

Well if some one knows some Japanese then maybe some one can talk to him about this project.

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17-09-2004, 23:04

Interesting website indeed:

It looks like he's also working on an MSX -> VGA connector cartridge!


Paladin (1012)

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17-09-2004, 23:23

i did not see that

i think we should build up a list of all active developers in the whole world