Power supply for slot expander?

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Van anonymous

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14-10-2004, 18:59

I had a Gouda 3.0 the original power supply unit. I traded it with Chao5, so he should be able to give you the details.

sorry, I can't find it.
I can't even remember having the psu :/


Van Sonic_aka_T

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14-10-2004, 22:54

You can also build the slotexpander into a pc case ( a barebone would be very nice, if not to small ) and use the psu.
I have a Sunrise expander, harddisc and a cd player build in such a case, and so far it works fine.
btw, It is not possible to use a psu from a pc that use the mainboard to switch te power on, however, it must be possible to find a solution for this.
Oh, and I give the case the color of a Philips MSX.
It's actually quite easy, just look for a ATX pinout on the web... There's a cable, usually green iirc, you're supposed to ground to turn the psu on. I don't remember the specifics, but I do remember it was childishly simple...

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