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Door Jazzy

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26-10-2004, 16:31

I was wondering who is collecting MSX homecomputers, like I do. Please tell something about what you're collecting, what's your latest addition, what is special and what are you still looking for... If you have a website, don't forget to mention the url.

I'll start: Wink

The collection
My collection excists of 133 homecomputers, 49 of them are MSX. I started collecting in 2000 because I was looking for a real MSX, sold mine a few years before. Soon I had 3 Philips MSX 2 computers and that's where I got a bit carried away. Wink

Latest addition:
Sony HB-FX1D
Great computer, I think it's my first one with ren-sha turbo. I like the big red part!

I'm very proud that I own all Brasilian MSX computers. (please correct me if I'm wrong) Some of them: Expert DD Plus HotBit HB-8000 (black edition)

Also I'm very happy with my Russian Yamaha network. As far as I know these are the only MSX computers wich are sold with a network adapter. YIS-503IIIR: the studentcomputer (2 pieces) the teachercomputer

Looking for:
I'm still looking for new MSX and non-MSX computers. But they have to be special, at least special to me. I'd like to obtain more Arabic and East European computers.


Next! ;)

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Van Samor

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26-10-2004, 18:03

Well, as far as MSX'es go, my collection isn't too impressive; one VG8235 with 720kb diskdrive and an NMS8250 with all kinds of bells and whistles (2+, 7mhs switch, 512kb,2 drives). I am kinda interested in acquiring a few more models, but I have limited space. an MSX1 would be nice, and a Turbo-R of course, but those are kind of expensive. And perhaps some non-philips models, for a change (always had philips ones Tongue )
Aside from that, I collect non-msx stuff too, however, my collection isn't huge as I started pretty late (and the aforementioned lack of storage space). Amongst those a C64, Megadrive, Dreamcast, Famiclone Wink and Atari2600; I also own a few of those TV-joysticks that are popular these days.
I've had a few more old computers, but those were usually in bad condition or otherwise unusable.

Van Gorgane

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26-10-2004, 20:30

Why can't i live in the Netherlands? It's hard as hell to find a MSX2 here in Finland and almost all MSX1 machines that are for sale are made by Spectravideo and are all equally bad ib quality. Getting a Toshiba HX-10 or a Sony Hit-Bit is possible, but they rarely surface at reasonable prices. The cart market has also been pretty dull lately, so collecting MSX in Finland is not very easy right now. Thank God i just got a NEC PC Engine. Smile

Van diabolus

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26-10-2004, 21:56

Gorgane, I got my nms8255 through stt (Saku Taipale). He has some contacts to NL. It was a pleasure doing business with him. Maybe he can get you a computer of your dreams?

Van Repair-Bas

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26-10-2004, 21:58

he, I think you get the 8255 from me??

Van Gorgane

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26-10-2004, 22:23

I know Saku, but i had totally forgotten that he told me at the Pelikonepeijoonit party that he could get me a MSX2 if i happened to need one. Thank's for reminding me. Smile But i must say that MSX isn't exactly my highest priority right now as i'm still at the top of my PC Engine craze.

The difficulty of getting games for MSX from Finland right now is also a handicap. There are always some for sale on eBay of course, but Gradius 2&3 always cost a shitload when the shipping is added to the price of the game. I also have problems with paying for eBay items, because i can't use PayPal and so i must pay by sending cash.

Because of all this i'm now going to concentrate on the PC Engine and stuff that i can get from Finland, but i'm not going to abandon MSX, it has so many great games. Smile

Van Jazzy

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27-10-2004, 10:22

Thanks for hijacking this thread. Wink

Any collectors around?

Van msxgamesbox

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27-10-2004, 13:05

I'm not a big collector but I used to have 10 MSX computers until recently ... two of them are now in Jazzy's hands for which I never got paid for. Anyway, thought that comment is not that important since they are not worth much, I am especially proud to own a FS-A1 GT, a FS-A1 WSX and two Arabic MSX computers as well... (AX-370 and AX-170)...
The biggest MSX collector I know is located near Brussels btw - full collection here:

Van Jazzy

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27-10-2004, 13:22

Anyway, thought that comment is not that important since they are not worth muchOh yes, it is important. Please send me an email at

Van Sonic_aka_T

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27-10-2004, 16:20

The biggest MSX collector I know is located near Brussels btw - full collection here:
That *is* a big collection! There's some models there I didn't even know existed!

Van Sander

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27-10-2004, 16:27

Wake up little Suzie. The large computer collections you see on this photoshoot: are from the same guy, Dimitri.

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