32kB roms on WSX or similar

Door Chardson

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13-12-2004, 06:04

Well, finally I could get my Panasonic WSX (MSX2+). Unfortunatelly it have only 64kB RAM so I can only play rom up to 32kB, until I get that 44256 chips and put 512kB RAM.

The problem is that I can`t run every 32kB rom, especially Konami`s. I tried several times to run goonies and kungfu 2, using .bas loaders, "bload"ing by myself (with and without that universal poke method), using rom2com converters and even using 3 different rom loaders (loadrom, rrom, carga). The best I could get was Konami logo on goonies through rom loaders. While with other 16kB Konami games like Antartic Adventure or Tennis, I had no problem at all. Also other 32kB roms like Rambo plus (ricbit intro version) or Thundercats (this is the game name here in Brazil) load fine.

Conclusion: can`t run 32kB Konami games

I tried some search and found that the "bug" is that Panasonic late MSXes like WSX have Main-Rom on a subslot, thus the incompatibility. But I could not find the solution, if there are any. And I am dieing for to play Goonies. I love that game and didn`t finished it on emulators only to have the feeling of playing on the real thing.

Anyone knows a solution that is not getting more RAM (providing but will take time, out of money, rare factor of chips and got to study hard to "university exams"), buy megaram (out of money) or buy cartridge/cassete (won`t find cartridge, can`t load cassete on WSX).


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Van Arom77

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13-12-2004, 10:39

All I can say is that Goonies is a great game - don't need to say "thank you" Wink

Van Niles

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13-12-2004, 13:50

I was running 32 kb Konami cartridges in a WSX. I used the "LOADROM" utility to load de .ROM binaries downloaded from internet, and they works perfectly. I recommendo to you find this utility and save into a disk several .ROM from Konami, make a "Load list" as is explained in the LOADROM documentation and enjoy it (a lot!).

Good luck...

Van cax

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13-12-2004, 14:46

Seems you have original, unpatched ROMs, and they have kind of protection in them.
- find patched roms
- find some kind of ROMs patcher and patch files for it (I made one myself as a part of microWAVer project, but I have very small number of patches in my table)
- find a rom loading tool that has built-in patcher

Van Chardson

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13-12-2004, 18:07

LOADROM documentation

Where can I find this documentation? I searched in google but found nothing more that mailing list discussions involving loadrom word Sad

Van Niles

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13-12-2004, 18:21

On this thread
www.msx.org/forumtopic1570.html we were discussing about loading roms using this program... check it out :)