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Prophet (3156)

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12-04-2005, 00:23


Finally I have all these wonderful MSX collection at home:

Would you please help me to identify the things that I don't know? There is a ROM board and a NEOS "audio visual cartridge". Does anybody know what's that?

I'll sell/trade most of it soon. Stay tunned


Edward Robsy

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Van snout

Ascended (15187)

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12-04-2005, 00:33

w0000t! Very nice article, nice pics; loved reading it! Smile

Van mars2000you

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afbeelding van mars2000you

12-04-2005, 00:39

A very impressive collection and an excellent article Smile

Pitpan , I think that you have now much work, but also great fun .... and some MSX fans could be jealous (but I know that you will sell a part of this collection)

Van Arom77

Resident (63)

afbeelding van Arom77

12-04-2005, 01:16

What a lucky man... I'm so jealous ! Wink

Van evulopah

Paladin (669)

afbeelding van evulopah

12-04-2005, 08:57

It was definitely fun reading...

Van viejo_archivero

Paragon (1395)

afbeelding van viejo_archivero

12-04-2005, 10:03

\(@.@)/ Don't forget that we are close friends! (^_^)b
Hahahahaha, what a lucky man you are, enjoy all those goodies Edu!

Van Argon

Paragon (1126)

afbeelding van Argon

12-04-2005, 14:28

Some very interesting stuff indeed.

The PX-7's aren't worth much thou... on eBay they always sell for 20-25 euro (NTSC versions).
Especially since yours are PAL versions... you can't use them for (Japanese NTSC) laserdisc games...


Van pitpan

Prophet (3156)

afbeelding van pitpan

13-04-2005, 19:49

Hi! I have selected some material and priced it. Check the whole list in the same page. Please note that I am not selling the PX7 computers yet, because they haven't been tested properly.

Check the page:

Van [D-Tail]

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14-04-2005, 00:25

Mmmh... I think the offer for the NMS1255 modem (€ 15,-) is a bit steep. The cartridge is really common around here, I sold a whole lot in Bussum (2003) to Bas K. for about 15 euro (with about 8 joysticks and 2 MT-Telcom modems). But then again, it's just what one wants to spend on it Smile

Good luck with your sales anyhow! :+)

Van Sonic_aka_T

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14-04-2005, 00:32

idd, the modem struck me as a bit expensive too. I've seen most of 'em go for around 2,50 to 5 eurii on ebay... I'm sure they're a lot harder to come by in England tho...

Van wolf_

Ambassador_ (10135)

afbeelding van wolf_

14-04-2005, 01:30

I even know ppl who bought a 8280 for less than 2.50 euro, some years ago, on a fleemarket. ^_^

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