Dutch elections

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Van Latok

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23-01-2003, 14:38

Well, I agree with the leftwing parties and even Balkenende himself stating it isn't credible if the CDA/VVD/LPF would continue....And I fear D66 won't cooperate. What other options do we have?

Van FiXato

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23-01-2003, 20:15

I vote for CDA+VDD+D66 wioth our beloved magiciansstudent as PM Smile

Everybody said that PvdA was the big winner .... Which is NOT true, they might won a lot of votes compared to the last election, but the mayority still wants CDA (which is good Tongue)

Ithink that if you would have a PvdA+CDA coalition, eventually it will NOT work out... Too many differences...

Glad the LPF didn't get that many votes like last election... Still too many IMHO...

And Ratelband luckily got no chairs Tongue Too bad he doesn't emigrate like he promised before Smile

Van DarQ

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23-01-2003, 22:57

goddamn CDA ! too many Crying people vote Evil

Van Bart

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03-02-2003, 23:07

locked... Elections are over (for godsake!)
Thanks for the input though Big smile

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