MSXdev'11 - #5 JumpinG - The Tutorial Game

MSXdev'11 - #5 JumpinG - The Tutorial Game

van wolf_ op 28-01-2012, 13:58
Onderwerp: Software

This Dimension Z game was programmed and designed by José Villa Cuadrillero, with music by José Vicente Masó. In a city, four fragments of a map need to be found and all that sounds easier than it actually is. The game could perhaps best be compared to the classic Manic Miner, as JumpinG is also the type of platform game in which each wrong movement can be lethal. Your enemies are diverse and all seem to have something against you, even such insignificant creatures such as a snail, bird, worm and a porcupine.

The attractive bit of this entry is the same one that kept people playing Manic Miner; the game seems so simple that giving up is simply no option, even though you'll find yourself pulling your hairs out, very soon. The graphics and especially the music are far more contemporary than Manic Miner's however. This fresh new 32KB ROM requires only 16KB RAM and is a great new entry to drive you nuts.

Relevant link: MSXdev'11 - JumpinG

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Van Huey

Prophet (2640)

afbeelding van Huey

28-01-2012, 16:00

Also thumbs up for releasing the sources too.

Van nanochess

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afbeelding van nanochess

28-01-2012, 22:45

I liked very much the graphical design of the cartridge sticker and the manual. Smile

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