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Van uberjack

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27-09-2019, 04:51

Grauw wrote:

Oh look Hydlide for 10 times as much as it’s worth.

You mean RARE! Hydlide for $300 isn't a bargain? Wink

Van uberjack

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08-11-2019, 06:41

Anyone really hate having 2000 EUR? Feel free to spend it on a mini Vampire Killer:

Van wbahnassi

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08-11-2019, 08:32

uberjack wrote:

Anyone really hate having 2000 EUR? Feel free to spend it on a mini Vampire Killer:

At least he kept the door open for "Make an offer" :P

Van Meits

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09-11-2019, 19:09

I took a look at ebay just now... If you're a starting collector, you're French United Codersd... With a bonus letter K somewhere in the middle...
I do not envy those who buy, only those who wanna buy because they really want that piece of software but can't/won't pay the price.

Would prices normalize if from now on people would stop buying stuff for a year?

Van Stt1

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19-11-2019, 14:21

That would help, but only partially. There are always sellers who have all the time for waiting the "right buyer". Look on YAJ and auctions from satopin. The same items keep there with same prices from year to another... One year might be not enough ;-)

I might be interested in trading that VK for a Game Master mini (like new), but that's it at the moment...

Van BitSquad

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20-11-2019, 04:43

I don't know if this has been discussed in this thread, but what I'm seeing a ton of now is people posting Japanese listings on eBay for nearly double the price.

I have to thank one of those scalpers though. A game that I had been looking for came up for sale on eBay for a really high price, but the images still had watermarks from Hard-Off. A few minutes later, I'm placing an order through my proxy company for Swing-Kun of the Window Cleaning Company.

I have to admit, I have bought one of those games from Satopin. At first the price seemed crazy but after not seeing another complete copy of the game for a few years, I decided that I'd be more likely to regret not buying it. Somebody bought Gulkave from them several years ago for just a couple hundred dollars and they're not regretting it now.

It's one thing if there are no other options but I don't understand when people buy common games at those prices.

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