Slot expanders, 7Mhz and Turbo-R ?

Door Sky_hawk

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21-02-2012, 14:57


Do slot-expanders work on 7 Mhz? 
Do slot-expanders work on Turbo-R?

If so, any expierences what are the 'best' most reliable slot-expanders?



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Van Sarcasmic

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21-02-2012, 16:32

i got the 8 slot version of sunrise works like a charm on turboR GT

Van Retrofan

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21-02-2012, 19:37

Hi, I use the MSX club Gouda slotexpander version 5.0 with my MSX turbo R and it works great!

Van Manuel

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21-02-2012, 20:59

The turboR speeds down for external slot access (to be backwards compatible), so it should work, I guess.

My slotexpander has always worked fine at least.

Van Meits

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21-02-2012, 21:25

My Gouda 5.0 likes 7MHz

Van Sky_hawk

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22-02-2012, 09:31

ok, thanks for the info