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Van Manuel

Ascended (18392)

afbeelding van Manuel

13-03-2012, 21:00

mesiasmsx: do you use 'fullspeedwhenloading'? If so, during loading the emulator will speed up to reduce loading time. This includes the sound, of course. You can disable it for a different result. See also

Van Gradius2

Hero (626)

afbeelding van Gradius2

14-03-2012, 00:13

1) I don't remember the other games, probably Eshs, I'll need to check them all for that.
2) see 1
3) I like mpeg-2 since is much better to edit and perform picture enhancements, plus is close to LD>DVD.  Currently I would use h.264.
4) Working under Windows is enough to me.
5) I haven't tested this yet, my Palcom+LDs are intact on box yet (haven't played).
6) I would use h.264 + flac
7) I see.
8) That I knew.
9) I see.

I dunno if I will invest on LD player (I know what I need to buy) and do this myself.

Van seanyoung

Resident (56)

afbeelding van seanyoung

14-03-2012, 11:33

1) I would be interested to see what you mean.
3) We're not converting from LD to DVD. Why is it easier to perform picture enhancements using mpeg-2? I work with the uncompressed files when I do this. LD is an uncompressed analog format so you can use any codec you want.
4) That's great for you! Unfortunately we have to consider users other than you.
5) Have you read my answer?
6) That's great for you, but patches for openmsx to support h264 files would not be accepted by the maintainers

Both mpeg2 and h264 require licensing money from MPEG LA. For openmsx to support either formats, you can:
1) Give then money
2) Not give them money and hope they don't notice
3) Use another codec which is just as good (e.g. webm)

You haven't explained why 1 or 2 is a great option. Do you work for MPEG LA?

Van giuseve

Paladin (744)

afbeelding van giuseve

14-03-2012, 13:45

Hi to all.
The frontend is almost done. I'm preparing the instruction file and then i'm going to upload here. Can someone help me in upload stuff on MSX.ORG ?

Van Vampier

Prophet (2386)

afbeelding van Vampier

14-03-2012, 15:45

I have tested hours and hours on LD emulation... and it's pretty close to the real deal from what I can remember. Yes badlands had some issues due to crappy mastering/editing of the original (it must have looked great on old slow CRTs though) and I'm happy with the final result.

Van giuseve

Paladin (744)

afbeelding van giuseve

14-03-2012, 17:18

Here is the package of the MSX Laserdisc Launcher:
Have fun LOL!

Van mars2000you

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14-03-2012, 17:36

Access denied

You are not authorized to access this page.

Van OeiOeiVogeltje

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afbeelding van OeiOeiVogeltje

14-03-2012, 18:41

same here

Van giuseve

Paladin (744)

afbeelding van giuseve

14-03-2012, 19:00

i don't know where it is.
I tryed to upload again but the site says i've exceded my quote size...

Van giuseve

Paladin (744)

afbeelding van giuseve

14-03-2012, 19:05

I think the new site it's not so efficient.
I've uploaded a zip file and it simply disappeared, but my disk quote is full anyway.
Any other suggestion?

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