x-tazy on openMSX

Door giuseve

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11-10-2012, 17:39

I saw the video of X-Tazy on youtube.
I'm trying to try it on openMSX but... audio doesn't work!!
I know it's moonsound, so i'm looking for the right EXT to load.
Where is a list of the EXT you can load into OpenMSX?
Open is really fantastic: when there would be a CHM help file instead of HTML one?
CHM is more suitable to search a specific word into the help.
When there would be a beautiful GUI that makes possible to use all the peculiarities of OpenMSX without getting crazy in dos-like sintax?
Hope you can halp me!

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Van mars2000you

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11-10-2012, 17:46

You can see all the extensions and machines in Catapult, the launcher for Windows version of openMSX.

Van assembler

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11-10-2012, 17:47

openMSX catapult is what you are looking for.