What was the reason that you bought an MSX and kept using it ?

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Paladin (864)

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04-11-2012, 17:09

I really like to know what all of you encouraged to start and keep using the MSX system ?

For example I really liked the low threshold in writing programs for the MSX, basic in the beginning and assembly in the end. It was so easy to test some idea in those days Wink

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Van Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1803)

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04-11-2012, 17:21

As for starting with MSX, that was easy. My parents decided to be modern and buy a computer, some 23-24 years ago. After I first ruined the second PC they bought by accidentally formatting the startup disk, they bought a Philips NMS-8245 by chance. I still have that machine today Smile

As for still using it, well... mostly nostalgia I guess. Even though it was nice to work in Moonblaster again a week ago after not using it for a few years Smile

Van meits

Scribe (6577)

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04-11-2012, 18:03

I started cuz my parents bought one... Some pc-prive project in 1986 iirc... It was a philips vg8235... Luckily it got replaced by a sony 700 a few years later...

Still using it once in a while to make music on... I also think it's one of the best concepts of home computer... It invites people to be creative... I've seen a lot of old MSX people end up in the computer business... That has to be because of how MSX is...

Van Pac

Scribe (7116)

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04-11-2012, 18:50

In my case 4 brothers, then obviously the big one chose what computer to buy and was a Philips NMS8220 mainly because a couple of his friends had an MSX. After several years (keep in mind 8 hands playing LOL! ), I still have it working!. Nowadays, I think carefully about the cost of this computer to my parents, more than 300eur in the 80's!

Today, only myself is an active MSX user, the reason? Apart from nostalgia, I still enjoy with it making graphics, listening the MSX sound chips, I think it's a challenge too.

Van alexworp3

Expert (126)

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04-11-2012, 18:23

In my case a friends parents bought an vg 8220, and there we played games like the konamigames etc.
Later this one was replaced by an nms 8255. Later i bought myself a vg8020 and finally after a vg 8235 i Bought a used nms 8250, Which I still have an recently got a new place in my hobbyroom. Soon I will try to make music again on it.

And allso for nostalgic reasons I will start using it for games very soon

Van syn

Prophet (2135)

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04-11-2012, 21:53

Parents thought a computer may help me with my primary school stuff so they bought an msx. They didnt knew much about computers themselves so they forgot to get some educational software with it. Instead I got athletic land, a game I loved, practically grew up with.

When I got older I could have bought an amiga500 but at the time I knew more ppl using MSX (it was 3 vs 5 so not that much difference though) , so I asked my parents to get me an MSX2+.

Despite I dont have my MSX'es connected atm, my interest in MSX remains high, because throughout the years it amazes me that the MSX is still present online, not forgotten. It started with emulators, to play the games I loved, discover new games and demos. And reading about new software/hardware as well as communities like #msxdev chatroom and MRC are reasons that I am still here.

Van Daemos

Prophet (2170)

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05-11-2012, 10:11

My parents bought me a MSX. My father actually worked at the service department of phillips so he could get a NMS8250 for cheap. Always enjoyed all those games (mostly where the well known konami MSX-1 games) especially Zanac completely pumped up my adrenaline to the max. I have wasted like 20 joysticks on that silly olympic game which was nearly undefeatable. When the PC started to dominate the market in the early 90's slowly but steadily the MSX became a dust catcher and eventually I gave it away.

Someone accidentally bought a MSX (yeah he needed a C64 for the SID soundchip) and asked me what the hell he bought. Wierd nostalgia got me and so I looked on marktplaats to see what was to be found and I even found my trusty old NMS8250 upgraded to 8255! How could that thing survive me and another family with 3 kids. So its back in my room now not catching dust. The electronics are very interesting and developing on that machine is even more fun.

Offcourse playing the games I never got back then is another fact. Still being amazed by the advance capabilities that a machine from 1988 can deliver all in 64Kb of RAM. Programmers nowadays should learn from this that memory and resources should sparingly be used.

Van bennyroger

Expert (74)

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05-11-2012, 16:42

I got my SVI 728 for christmas from my parents, when they asked me what I wanted for christmas I said I wanted a Commodore 64, but it was too expensive for them. My first MSX game came in the same box, Hypersports.......
Since most of my friends had spectrums and CBM 64 I got a lot of international penfriends and "swapped" software.
I bought the CBM 64 later on but still kepts the MSX as I found it better. Later got the Atari ST, then Amiga 600/1200.
Got my first PC in 1989 a 286-12Mhz with 20mb harddrive and VGA screen and a stunning 4mb of ram!
My Philips NMS 8255 is still in use for printing invoices and now and then a game....(its turned on 8h a day)
That said ALL of my MSX machines are connected and ready for use.........

Van Manuel

Ascended (19691)

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05-11-2012, 22:22

The MSX was cheaper than the C64?? Amazing! That's not what was usually the case, I think.

Van bennyroger

Expert (74)

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05-11-2012, 22:35

Spectravideo's was cheap, it was made in Hong Kong, and Norway did not have toll on electronics from far east unlike most European countries.
Also remember the MSX did not need a custom cassette player like the C64, which at the time also costed quite a bit and was required to load software. That was a big selling point for the Spectravideo 728 (and the Spectrum)

Van Manuel

Ascended (19691)

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05-11-2012, 23:08

Wow! I think in the NL and the UK, the C64 was mostly cheaper. MSX was found to be 'expensive' when I read the old magazines...

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