Rare Konami's for sale: Badlands, SD Snatcher, Shin Synth, MG2 and Space Manbow

Door LeoM

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28-12-2012, 22:54

So, I've got several rare Konami's for sale on Ebay

Check it out!

Ebay link - Holland
Ebay link - Spain
Ebay link - USA
Ebay link - UK

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Van RetroTechie

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29-12-2012, 03:37

Shin Synthesizer - is there a ROM dump of that cartridge around? Looks really rare, would be nice to check out what it is.


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29-12-2012, 17:59

Van AxelF

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29-12-2012, 18:31

Anyone has an image of the INSIDE and the PCB of the synthesizer cartridge.
Curious how the D/A converter looks like...

Van LeoM

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01-01-2013, 16:49

I've never seen an opened shin synth cartridge, but I guess such a D/A converter is just an array of 8 resistors with the same value, connected to the data-lines. The more accurate the resistors are, the better is the D/A conversion.

Van Guillian

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01-01-2013, 19:19

Yes, it has 16 resistors for the R2R DAC, a LS138 and a LS273 (and the ROM, of course)

Van LeoM

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04-01-2013, 07:18

A Reminder: The auctions will end today!!!
If you want to bid on something, now is the time!

Link: Ebay items