Emulation of BEER Interface on BlueMSX or openMSX

Door saccopharynx

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07-01-2013, 04:29


Is there any step-by-step-and-error-free guide that describes how to make the BEER IDE interface work on any of the emulators mentioned in the title? I have followed the instructions described in the BlueMSX help and when I run BEERFDSK.BAS, the application just hangs (openMSX) or shows an error message telling that the interface has not been found (BlueMSX). In addition, if I select File / Cartridge Slot 1 / Insert Special / IDE / Beer, the drawbacks are as follows:

* Not enough memory when booting (MSX Turbo)
* Hang when booting (MSX+)
* Not correctly initialized when running MSXFDISK.BAS or a hang if running BEERFDSK.BAS (MSX2)

I'm developing a game loader and I wante it to work on MegaSCSI / Sunrise / BEER. Things work fine on the first two interfaces but I'm not able to create and format a HD image to try it on BEER.

Thanks a lot,


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Van mars2000you

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07-01-2013, 08:22

What concerns blueMSX :
- the procedure described in the manual is for BEER version 1.8 (it's the version you seem to use as it comes with the emulator, the procedure is different for version 1.9 and has a different format - http://www.msxvillage.fr/upload/beer_ru.zip)
- we know that blueMSX hangs when booting and/or formatting and/or does not find the interface; probably, some detail is not yet emulated, but we can't find what it could be

Van Manuel

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07-01-2013, 09:35

BEER is currently not (yet) emulated by openMSX.

Van saccopharynx

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14-06-2014, 09:07

Hi guys,

Is there any good news regarding BEER emulation (make it work on BlueMSX or supporting emulation on openMSX)?


Van Manuel

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14-06-2014, 15:52

As far as I know, no one is working on or has plans to work on BEER IDE emulation on openMSX. But if someone is interested to implement it, we'll assist where we can.

Van Manuel

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27-07-2015, 23:44

News update: I've been working on Beer IDE for openMSX (using the sources of blueMSX) and the basics are working. I just need to test a bit with the proper FDISK program...

Can someone explain the differences between all BIOS versions? I found two types of 1.8 (the one mentioned in the zip file above and the one on Hans Otten's page) and there's an 1.9RC version from 2010 (also in the above zip file).

And where can one get the proper FDISK program?

Oh, just see this thread: http://www.msx.org/forum/msx-talk/hardware/beer-ide-fdisk

Van mesiasmsx

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28-07-2015, 11:33

Emulation is the future! Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

Van gdx

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16-12-2020, 15:22

I created an a bootable image for OpenMSX with MiSiX DOS installed for the currious but I can added it to downloads. So here is a temporary link to download it.