Stuff Russia is famous for

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Door OeiOeiVogeltje

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14-01-2013, 17:24

i was talking to Eugeny Brychkov of GR8bit and suddenly the conversation was about Russia and what products or other stuff Russia is famous for.
Or has produced the best in its kind
anyone have an idea's?

AK-47 is russian i believe
Antonov planes (the biggest in the world even)

who knows more??

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Van RetroTechie

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14-01-2013, 18:04

* Communism (not that bad really - just badly done, as usual).
* No country ever being able to occupy it (too large area, too many russians that keep coming to kill you).
* Drunk russians (usually men) killing themselves in stupid ways. "Hey look at me doing!....." Running Naked in a Field of Flowers
* Boris Yeltsin dancing
* Nuclear f**k-ups (Chernobyl, nuclear submarine accidents, the list goes on & on)
* Matryoska dolls
* Tetris
* Its space program
* Chess players like Karpov and Kasparov

Doctor Zhivago crossed my mind, but apparently Russia had little to do with that movie (apart from the storyline).

Van W76NearDark

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14-01-2013, 18:21


Oh and by the way the nuclear f**k-ups aren't that unique to Russia... just google around a bit.

Van mars2000you

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14-01-2013, 18:24

You have forgotten Gérard Depardieu who likes Poutine and the Russian "democracy" Hannibal

Van wolf_

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afbeelding van wolf_

14-01-2013, 19:04

And no one even mentions Tchaikovsky? You're all barbarians! Crying

Van Daemos

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afbeelding van Daemos

14-01-2013, 19:12

Guess you forgot about the Russian scientists that made a few discoveries too:

Alexander Borodin
Friedrich Konrad Beilstein: one of the people that made my line of duty possible.
Vladimir Barmin: the guy who invented how to launch rockets

Ohw well thats just 3 of the extensive list of scientists that contributed very significantly to this world. Strange how we mostly forget what Russia contributed to this world.

Ohw yeah we forgot about Dmitry Mendeleev who invented the periodic table

Van OeiOeiVogeltje

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14-01-2013, 20:11

i was actually asking for products
antonov airplane

Van anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

afbeelding van anonymous

14-01-2013, 20:39

What about dashboard cameras to show off their incredible driving skills

Van Oscar

Guardian (581)

afbeelding van Oscar

14-01-2013, 20:44



Metal Gear and movie famous Sikorsky Mil Mi-24 Hind D (and MIG jets)

Car crash videos on youtube...

Van W76NearDark

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14-01-2013, 23:06

Borsjt & Stroganoff
Perestrojka & Glasnost
Gorby & pipelines
Hind & MiG
Gagarin & Laika
Kgb & Spetznatz

So much.... the list could be endless

Van W76NearDark

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afbeelding van W76NearDark

14-01-2013, 23:07

Red Square & Matthias Rust

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