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Van o.geerdink

Hero (543)

afbeelding van o.geerdink

05-06-2013, 09:32

Maybe FiXato knows a solution, he seems very smart guys.

Van edoz

Prophet (2172)

afbeelding van edoz

05-06-2013, 10:04

I have no problems with sunrise! If i order someting, i just wait, untill now it's always deliverd. Just be a bit patient! And remember it's a hobby!

Van wolf_

Ambassador_ (9769)

afbeelding van wolf_

05-06-2013, 15:12

Hm, dunno. It may be a hobby and all that, but when someone's paying for something, then it should be dealt and communicated with in a professional way. Especially in these days of economical crisis, it's not like money has no value for someone..

Van edoz

Prophet (2172)

afbeelding van edoz

05-06-2013, 15:20

Hi Wolf, Maybe you are right ...but for me it's just an extra "suprise!" when the post guy is ringing at the door to deliver something from sunrise Big smile Wink

Van SkyeWelse

Champion (470)

afbeelding van SkyeWelse

05-06-2013, 15:31

I've done three orders in the last year or so from Sunrise. I was always told that it might take awhile for the items to come, but that Rob would always come through in the end. The first time I ordered, I got my items in about a month of waiting (Keeping in mind that I live in the U.S) and customs could be a reason for why things can take extra time. The second order was longer than a month, but I still got them just fine, right about the time I was getting anxious to contact Rob again about it. The last order I did with Rob at Sunrise was around the end of January and it took almost the full 45 days that Paypal would allow for me to open a dispute. I was trying to contact Rob a few times and I had not heard back after two emails. But just as I was about to open up a Paypal dispute (Not that I wanted to hurt Rob or his business, but simply for my own protection as a buyer) on Day 44 of waiting when my package arrived. I wrote to Rob by email and let him know that I received my package and again, did not hear back from him.

I think it was around this time that Maggoo first ordered his stuff from Sunrise. Rob was quick enough to process the order and the payments for the order, but after that he dropped off the planet it seems. I know that it does take awhile to get orders from Rob and that he usually comes through, but in Maggoo's case, this is a legitimate concern as it's been a few months now and without any contact or refunds from Rob/Sunrise.

My question is, isn't Rob and Sunrise as a whole pretty well known in the MSX community in the Netherlands? Isn't there anyone here who knows him personally or knows a guy who knows a guy, who knows Rob and can check up to see what is going on with him? I'm sure a lot of this could be resolved as long as some contact is established. Would anyone in the Netherlands who knows him or how to reach him directly be willing to reach out to him?


Van Meits

Scribe (5539)

afbeelding van Meits

05-06-2013, 19:31

He refuses help, so we have to just accept his way of dealing with orders and communications. Luckily there are substitutes for quite some hardware he sells...
Coming to think of it... Is there actually anything worthy left on Sunrise's shelfs? Not really...

I consider myself lucky receiving my only mail order withing a week... I already read all the previous topics about the waiting, so there I bought Sunrise hardware exclusively at fairs... Not being a fair visitor anymore I just had to...

Van Manel46

Champion (431)

afbeelding van Manel46

28-05-2014, 12:25

On April 21, I paid the cartridge "Nowind" via PayPal.
To this day, not lame no news of Rob. I have sent several emails, but not reply.
Someone save anything?

Van hbarcellos

Hero (561)

afbeelding van hbarcellos

28-05-2014, 15:48

apparently there's a similar situation in the Brazilian MSX community.
A famous MSX maker from the 80's (inventor/woz-without-jobs type) keeps promising hardware that would be amazing by the 80's and always insist to take pre-orders in advance to later start producing it. Needless to say that just a small percentage of buyers end up getting the thing.

Normally I don't care, but what really amazes me are some kind of reactions just like the one mentioned by edoz. Here it's even worst, people start to defend the guy SO HARD that they start swearing (really low level) anyone that tries to complain about something. Things like: "you're not welcome in our community", or "get the #$#%@#! out of here".
Then, they just keep making fun out of the fact that their money is completely lost and wasted.

Funny, looks like a Stockholm syndrome of retro communities.

We must coin a name for that... Any suggestions???

Van Samor

Paragon (2029)

afbeelding van Samor

28-05-2014, 16:21

I think (after all this time) it's safe to say the complaints are valid.
This is not a one-case scenario anymore. If Sunrise can't timely deliver orders for such a long period of time it would be better to cancel operations entirely, IMO.

It's not really a Stockholm syndrome ... more like the continued appreciation of an established "Good Name" long after its expiration date. The sun has already set, so to speak (pun very intended).

"It used to be good, it's not now but we will violently defend it as if it were". Come to think of it, it's not so strange such a thing especially happens in retro communities (it's hard to let go of the past?).

A good name.. I can think of a few ones but they're a bit mean...
Hm. In Comic Bakery your goal is to satisfy all customers but how often do you fail? And yet you feel sympathy for your character doing his best.
So, "Comic Bakery syndrome"? Wink

Van Manel46

Champion (431)

afbeelding van Manel46

28-05-2014, 16:23

Sorry buddy. But what interests me is me, above all, the cartridge, or otherwise recover money, not philosophical thoughts.

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