SD Snatcher sound test

Door d-fader

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25-02-2013, 14:06

I just recovered some of my old disks and was able to create images of some of them, one of them being a disk with an SD snatcher sound test. I can recall this program being able to play music and sound effects, but unfortunately it just seems to only play sound effects. Does anyone remember this demo and can you tell me how I can accomplish what I want (listen to the music ^^). Here's a screenshot:

...and / doesn't seem to work (also not when holding / and then another key)

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Van Jorito

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25-02-2013, 18:42

Have you tried pressing the tilde key? At least that worked for me on a different SD Snatcher music disk (prolly the same code but without fancy gfx).

Van meits

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25-02-2013, 19:01

the one I have needs the right cursor to be pressed and then all keys on the keyboard can be used to listen to most of the tunes... Most, cuz not all are there... When changing keyboard language some keys might give you different tracks though...

Van d-fader

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25-02-2013, 23:17

Thanks for the tips, but I think I know what the problem might be. What if they meant the / on the keypad (I always had an NMS8250, so it could be true Smile) - tested it in the emulator, but I only have a laptop at the moment and fn+0 (where the keypad / is) does not play a sound effect while the normal / does and fn+0 does show a slash in BASIC, but adding another key doesn't do anything. Will try tomorrow on a 'real' keyboard, but if that works it means it's kind of a silly solution I guess, since almost no MSX has a numeric keypad, right?

Van fondacio

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26-02-2013, 04:37

You're right, it is the / on the numeric keypad. I remember not being able to use this version and only getting the version Meits mentions later so I could use it on my 8245.

Van d-fader

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26-02-2013, 08:37

♫♪♫ Yep, that did the trick ♫♪♫


Van Manuel

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26-02-2013, 21:04

I would have expected that the FN+0 stuff would work actually, especially after you confirmed it did give a / in basic... Can you try that with openMSX 0.9.1 or a recent development build?

EDIT: AH! You were emulating a Philips NMS 8245, and that one doesn't have the numeric keypad indeed Smile (Yes, that is emulated...) That explains why it doesn't work, just like on the real one Smile

Van AxelF

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26-02-2013, 21:20

Any idea where i can download this demo, would like to give it a try here Wink

Van d-fader

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27-02-2013, 09:19

@Manuel: nope, it's not because of what you mentioned. When I thought of the 'keypad' option, I booted an NMS8250, so that should have (and does have) the keypad. The problem hasn't got anything to do with openMSX, I guess it's a hardware limitation of my laptop keyboard -> you have to press the keypad / in combination with another letter to hear the music (e.g. Y), so I would have to press [fn]+[keypad /]+Y and that is the problem, the [fn]+[keypad /] works, but the extra Y just does not trigger any extra keyboard event (probably because [fn]+Y has no function). It would have never fully worked anyway, since the numbers of the keypad are over e.g. 789, uio and jkl, so I would never be able to play the musics under these keys Smile

@Axel: Yeah I extracted it from the Disk image. I just checked it and I guess I copied the disk from Rieks, since in the menu that appears after booting the disk there is a message stating that the menu was made by Pigeonsoft Smile. Download the music demo here:

EDIT: changed Manual to Manuel, oops, sorry :) :RNFF:

Van AxelF

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27-02-2013, 15:16

Thanks d-fader Smile ...
It took me a while to find out you have to hold / (on the Nummeric) and then press another key oO
Works great now Smile