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Van Grauw

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afbeelding van Grauw

12-02-2003, 23:51

An anime society? nice Smile How many members do you have, Grauw?

Er, well, about 20. But since the meetings aren't really regular yet there are only about 6-10 people every time. Working on that ^_^.

Most of the members run away when they see Grauw in his Urotsukidouji Costume-play Tongue

tsk tsk, don't you express your fantasies here Guyver ;p


Van FiXato

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15-03-2003, 15:47

...uhh... Gundam Wing will be on TV again in 1.5 hours, and it rocks ^_^.
Oh, and I've got the Ys Book One anime DVD, imported from the US. Part 2 (of 3, I think) will be released March 25th. I'll place an order for at least me and someone else, and if you want and live in the Netherlands I can place one for you aswell, to save some shipping costs.

ah, what the heck, just order one for me as well Smile
I'll pay ya at Tilburg ^_^ or else whenever I have the time to visit one of those anime weekends ^_^

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