Astron Belt shamelessly steals from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

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21-05-2013, 17:01

While watching Star Trek II last night I suddenly recognised scenes from Aston Belt. I guess I spent too much time peering at Astron Belt while trying to capture it. So far I've identified four scenes in Aston Belt which are blatently stolen from Star Trek II.

8:36 - 8:39 looks like the begining of the genesis project description (43:32 in the film)
8:40 - 8:42 looks like the enterpise going to warp
18:25 - 18:33 is taken from the genesis project description (44:21 in the film).
23:52 - 24:04 (The final boss in the game) This is clearly the Reliant upside down.
Some other parts looks suspicious.

I'm not sure how I can post stills here.

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Van Pentarou

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21-05-2013, 17:36

Old news, you may want to read Wikipedia's entry about Astron Belt...