Different Metal Gear 2 cart

Door Donderjager

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27-05-2013, 19:23

A while back i bought a strange Metal Gear 2 Cart that looks like a bootleg
Compared to a original Metal Gear 2 :

It has a different cartshell and a small box
The label on the cart seems an original label that belongs on the original cart so it wont fit well.
It does have original SCC sound , and it seems to have a original Konami rom.

And a picture compared to a original Metal Gear 2

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Van Donderjager

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afbeelding van Donderjager

27-05-2013, 19:26

I also have a picture of the inside

And a picture of the front

Van anonymous

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27-05-2013, 19:37

Must be the Korean version... They were very good at totally wasting good titles...
It's a real SCC indeed, but the ROM ain't...

Van Ace

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27-05-2013, 23:11

It looks like the box comes from a Konami MegaDrive game. That cart, though, sure doesn't look like a real Metal Gear 2 cart, but it could be a Korean release of the game like Meits said. I wouldn't know as I'm not that familiar with the MSX scene.

Van Turrebo

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29-05-2013, 09:06

You didn't perhaps bought it from that dude in Amstelveen / Amsterdam, did you?

On Marktplaats.nl he goes under the names WXS, XSW and MSX. Fucks up perfectly good cartridges and sells the SCC and game ROM's separate, while programming an EPROM with "custom" versions of well-known MSX games (F1-Spirit without SCC, another all-time low).

All without telling you with so many words that it is a homebrew cartridge, charging €31,- for a piece of crap.

Van Donderjager

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29-05-2013, 16:20

Nope , i bought it a a gamefair , a few years back (for a lot more than 31 euros)

Van Pentarou

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29-05-2013, 20:58

If I had to guess I'd say it's the demo version that has been relabeled and sold as the full game...
Does the game work like the original?

No Konami markings on the PCB or the ROM chip = Bootleg or unlicensed
MD case & labels seem homebrew or pirate stuff (no licensee logo/name/codes).
The rom chip is a mask rom, so it can't be an hobbyist/self built product, but if it is a pirate why use an original SCC?

Van Donderjager

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29-05-2013, 21:20

The game works like the original , looked up the demoversion on youtube , and the game i have is not the demoversion.

Van Meits

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25-07-2013, 18:39

This one's not from the konami trasher from amstelveen/amsterdam... As he just replaces a gamerom, this pcb is totally redesigned... He doesn't need to do that cuz he wipes off original roms and replaces them with others...
He also sells the wiped off lose roms at marktplaats...
I'm so sorry for all the people who buy that (place a nasty word here --> ......)'s crap...

Van Pentarou

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20-09-2013, 00:55

Update: Found the same PCB on this blog post:
According to the (Google) translation it's the Korean's version.