FS: Badlands Konami LaserDisc complete

Door LeoM

Master (229)

afbeelding van LeoM

19-08-2013, 19:41

It is for sale on Ebay.

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Van LeoM

Master (229)

afbeelding van LeoM

25-08-2013, 08:02

Less than 12 hours left before this auction ends!
Or maybe, if someone hits the "buy now" button, it is sold much sooner... Smile

Van o.geerdink

Hero (585)

afbeelding van o.geerdink

26-08-2013, 16:49

For such a low price people might suspect it's a reproduction

Van LeoM

Master (229)

afbeelding van LeoM

27-08-2013, 22:26

Well, it's the real thing, but if only 1 person starts bidding and nobody else makes a bid....
That's the way ebay works...

Too bad... It would have been nice (for me) if it was sold for a higher price...

Van Gradius2

Hero (625)

afbeelding van Gradius2

31-08-2013, 22:09

Just wondering... how much it was?